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ACTIF-Europe Newsletter May 2010Spring newsletter by ACTIF-Europe (May 2010).

In this newsletter you find the usual key issues related to European programmes, innovation and technology:


What is the Employment in Europe report?

This is the 20th annual edition of the Employment in Europe report, which has become one of the main tools of the European Commission in supporting Member States in the analysis, formulation and implementation of their employment policies.

The Employment in Europe report 2008, as in previous years, addresses topics that are high on the European Union's employment policy agenda.

ESF - Employment Report 2008"Employment in Europe" is the main tool of the Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities DG for the analysis of employment performance and labour market developments in the European Union, the Acceding and the Candidate Countries.

It provides the basic analytical and statistical background to underpin the Joint Employment Report as well as other instruments key to the European Employment Strategy.

ACTIF-Europe has been granted a Leonardo partnership project named "AGRO-MAC VET".

ACTIF-Europe has been selected by the HERMES-OSR project to provide collaborative web-conference services.

In this case ACTIF-Europe manage the platform for HERMES-OSR in a shared mode between several projects and clients (mutualized way).