Kick off meeting EUCoopCoop Campus is an ECVET European project for Cooperative Values improvement in management skills.

Since the autumn 2012, ACTIF Europe has been involved with co-operatives from eight different countries across Europe to share their expertise and experience through the European Coop Campus project. This project is supported by the Leonardo da Vinci European programme and aims at looking at joint accredited programmes to improve Cooperative values in management skills for Coop Elected members.

With an emphasis on developing a mobility framework fully compliant with ECVET where learning outcomes are linked to learners' roles and experience, the partners have done an assessment of co-operative education in Europe and developed training units to pilot sessions in Spain (in Spring 2014 first), and in Germany (summer 2014).

  • The host organisation for the first mobility test in Spain is Coexphal, an association of producer organisations consisting mostly in co-operatives. The success of the ( co-operative sector in Andalousia, even in the banking sector to support producers has led the project team to use this region for a mobility test for gaining information and perspectives from Spanish co-operatives perspectives.
  • The second host organisation, the Akademie Deutscher Genossenschafter (ADG - is a specialist of training in finance and management and provides managerial training for banks and financial institutions. ADG is the partner of around 1,200 co-operatives banks which impacts on 4,300 entreprises in the co-operative retail and service sector with more than 580,000 employees.

These mobility tests contexts provided the basis of a real life ECVET tools assessment with all stakeholders. The final results of all this work was publicly presented at the end of the project in December 2014 in Brussels.

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