call-ppp_249_180New calls will be announced soon (probably June/July and September 28) on PPP - Public-Private-Partnership in the field of the Future Internet in order to create a climate to encourage investment and also to look at the Internet of Things (IoT) in the European Economic Recovery Plan.

ACTIF-Europe participated at the conference the Internet of Things (1-2 June 2010) oraganised by the European Commission with the participation of representatives as well from Japan, USA, China and Korea.

Out of the technical/technology and policy content, two presentations were made on the coming calls and the structure of the following calls.


These calls are based on a PPP approach (more background documents attached here below DG INFSO 1 and DG INFSO 2).

  • The first call should be open during summer (still to be confirmed):
    • ICT is key to Factories of the Future (FoF PPP)
    • Tentative planning: end of June or July  2010
    • 45 M€ for IPs/STREPs
  • The second call should be open on September 28 (still to be confirmed):
    • Internet of Things in FP7 – Call 7: Real world Internet
    • Tentative planning: Open call 28/09/2010 Close call: 19/01/2011
    • Draft WP 2011-2012 ICT Call 7 - 30 m€


Source: Internet of Things conference and the European Commission