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Coop Campus, an ECVET European project

Kick off meeting EUCoopCoop Campus is an ECVET European project for Cooperative Values improvement in management skills.

Since the autumn 2012, ACTIF Europe has been involved with co-operatives from eight different countries across Europe to share their expertise and experience through the European Coop Campus project. This project is supported by the Leonardo da Vinci European programme and aims at looking at joint accredited programmes to improve Cooperative values in management skills for Coop Elected members.

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Reflective Journal - the EUCoop Campus practice for mobility assessment

EUCoop Campus reflective journal pilot sessionThe EUCoop Campus reflective journal, as part of the two-year European cooperative mobility project, has been tested during a study visit to two cooperatives in the Almería region of Spain. The reflective journal is part of a "Values and Principles" unit being developed for the EU Leonardo da Vinci-funded EuCoop Campus project, and is designed to provide structure and accredited learning for members of cooperatives.

ACTIF-Europe provides its expertise and experience of ECVET approaches to support the design and the assessment of the EUCoop Campus programmes.

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the Smart Specialisation platform

Commission launches the "Smart Specialisation platform" to further boost innovation in the EU regions

On 23 June 2011, the Commission launches the "smart specialisation platform" to support regions and Member States in better defining their research and innovation strategies. As there is no "one-size-fits-all" policy solution, the new facility will help the regions to assess their specific Research and Innovation (R&I) strengths and weaknesses and build on their competitive advantage. This is another step on the path to achieving the objectives set by the Member States in the field of research and innovation as part of the Europe 2020 strategy.

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2011 report on R&D in ICT in the EU

This report provides an analysis of the state of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Research and Development activities in the European Union. This is the fourth report of a series which is published annually. This year’s report provides data up to 2008.
The report starts with a presentation of general trends concerning the EU ICT sector in a global perspective and in the EU Member States, followed by an analysis of the impact of the recent financial crisis on the ICT sector. The report then analyses R&D in the ICT sector, using data from the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard, which tracks R&D spending by the top R&D-investing companies worldwide. The report also provides a unique overview of ICT patenting in the European Union and a comparison of ICT patenting performance, by Member State and with other world regions. Finally, the report presents a set of empirical analyses on internationalisation of R&D in the ICT sector, on which there is still scarce evidence available, particularly with regard to ICT R&D internationalisation with emerging Asian economies.

Source: The Institute of Joint Research Studies of JRC
Authors: Geomina Turlea, Daniel Nepelski, Giuditta de Prato, Jean Paul Simon, Anna Sabadash, Juraj Stancik, Wojciech Szewczyk, Paul Desruelle, Marc Bogdanowicz
EUR Number: 24842 EN
Publication date: 6/2011