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Experiences and References of ACTIF-Europe

A few references

To guide you in this Reference list, Table of Content has been divided in 4 main themes:

Enterprise coaching and support: organisation and strategy

European Technical Assistance:

  • Management and animation of European programmes


QA - Quality Assurance and Evaluation / Transnational project management:


Expertise for European networks:

  • Agro-food network
  • Euro-Mediterranean network
    • Patras Research Centre (Greece)
    • Medibtikar (pan-mediterranean network on innovation support - EUROMED)
  • Quality in Education networks
    • TEI Patras (Greece)
    • CD-Eqate (Lithuania)
  • New technologies and Innovation network
    • Expertise CIM-Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    • ISPIM - International Society for Professional Innovation Management
  • Internet collaborative platforms
    • MAC-Team network
    • Telektronik article (2004)
    • Expert on SME, e-Business, knowledge management and collaborative networking for FP6 and FP7 (DG Research and Information Society)


Enterprise coaching and support in Organisation and Strategy:

  • Strategy and consultancy in Information Systems
    • ARF -  Flamme Group (needs identification and ERP systems in waste management)
    • Romanian SAPARD Office - Information System Audit for future adaptation to new international accounting standards).
  • Development investment funds search for a biotech SME
  • Consultancy support for a feasibility study on a dairy farm pilot unit.
  • Implementation of Decision making tools on strategy, organisation, strategic alliances and innovation management.


Technical Assistance Office COMETT (European Commission programme)

  • 1989 - 1995 (until the end of the programme)
  • Head of the ICT department of the European programme
  • Implementation of Community support actions in the field of Education and Training (Operational design and implementation for Short seminars and European Student mobility schemes)
  • Monitoring of the agro-food sector in COMETT
  • Geo-political monitoring in COMETT programme for France, Greece, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Monitoring and tutoring of COMETT pilot projects to support project managers of high level funded projects.


Technical Assistance Office MED Secretariat (European Commission programme)

  • 1998 - 2000
  • Advice and support to define and design software application for the management of the programme  (selection process, contracts and project monitoring)
  • Development of the software, implementation and training of users
  • Follow-up of the software to ensure adaptability and quick hot-line.


Technical Assistance Office SOCRATES & Youth for Europe (European Commission programme)

  • 1995 - 2002
  • Head of the ICT department of the European programmes (1995-1996)
  • Project financial and administrative assessment (1997-1998)Implement of Audit procedures (1997-1998).


Technical Assistance Office EUROPS (Community Initiatives ADAPT & Employment)

  • 1995 - 2000
  • Head of the ICT department of the European Initiatives
  • Design and implementation of a European communication and Exchange network between the 100 European National Support Structures (NSS) and 10,000 Eurpean projects.


National expertise Leonardo da Vinci (European Commission programme)

  • 1996 call for proposals
  • At the request of the French national support structure (ACFCI-Association française des Chambres de Commerce et d'Industrie)


Finnish National Board of Education  (Finnish Ministry of Education)

  • 1996,
  • Introduction to Quality Assurance (at that time: Total Quality Management approach - TQM)
  • Advice on implementing an evaluation and monitoring system for European projects.


European expertise on feed-back mechanisms

  • 1995, For EURASHE (EURopean ASsociation in Higher Education) and the Research Centre of PATRAS
  • Management of a pan-European study (15 European experts coming from 8 countries and working on 4 economical sectors: Agro-food, Health-care, Computing sciences and Tourism)
  • Synthetic report including recommendations on "Liaising Higher Education Institutes and courses to Industrial Socio-economic Needs".


Support partnership arbitrage in European project

  • 1996, for the Training Centre of the Agricultural Bank of Greece
  • Acting as a neutral international Referee
  • Support to identify problems between partners
  • Assessment of objectives fulfilment for partners.


External evaluator of European projects (at the own will of the projects, not imposed by the European Commission)

  • 1996 - ...
  • DIFF'HACCP Project (F + partners from UK, IT, GR)
  • MAC-AGRO Projects  (F, FIN)
  • TELE-MAC Project (F + partners D, S, P, FIN et E)


Consultancy and Training on Systems integration

  • 1989, For the European project CIM-Planet
  • Training design and implementation on CIM concepts - Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Lecture at the Greek Agricultural Bank Headquarters (Greece)


e-Platform for the MAC-Team network

  • 2000 - 2004 originally implemented for the TELE-MAC project
  • Design and implementation of an Internet-Intranet platform:
    • to disseminate results of the projects of the network
    • to provide a centralised access to all partners for administrative project management
    • to ensure a just in time project management and monitoring in terms of work progress to keep all partners informed.
    • To enable all actors (incl. non-ICT ones) to contribute to the on-line content of the website. (and implementation of editorial committee also composed of field actors)
  • Hosting and technical management of on-line platforms to also support events in parallel.
  • Webconference platform (meetings and trainings) including the collaborative sharing of documents and applications.